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  • AJ’s Fine Foods exclusive free publication display provider;

  • We are a preferred distributor for Distributech National Rack Programs.
    Providing delivery service to a number of locations. Examples:

    • Fry's, Albertsons, K-Mart, 7Eleven and other retail locations.

  • Target market distribution is our specialty. We strategically plan distribution tailored to the publisher’s specific needs;

  • We offer publishers with the markets most elite distribution locations available;

  • Routes are checked for both placement and friendliness;

  • We provide publishers with the information needed for controlling their print runs by counting all returns that are picked up;

  • Provides movement reports after distribution’s are complete;

  • Prompt courteous service by all drivers;

  • We make sure all papers are faced properly and cleanly;

  • Maintains two fully staffed warehouses in Tucson and Phoenix

  • Pickup and delivery of large pallets available